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Beauty & Love Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Beauty & Love - Research Paper Example Other studies have revealed that appreciating moral beauty by a person leads to moral emotion elevation. Nevertheless, a point of contradiction lies between the two terms; moral beauty and moral good. The two terms though used interchangeably may refer to different perspectives as applied in varying disciplines. For instance, while the moral beauty elicits emotions in psychological fields, the moral good only elicit satisfaction in motivation. Therefore, the commonality of the broad subject of moral beauty lies in the appreciation of charity, courage, self-sacrifice kindness, as well as loyalty (Diessner, Rust, Solom, Frost and Parsons 304). History and philosophy illustrates that the discussion of moral beauty arose from early civilization stages. Two main schools of thought tried to understand beauty from the point of rationalism as well as from intention perspective. Reason alone is the sole origin of moral beauty as according to the rationalists while the sentimentalists held tha t the beauty was partly understood from sentiments. Nevertheless, from the two approaches, one thing that sticks out is that morality can be explained from the perspective of rationality and or the perspective of sentiments. It is pegged on the understanding of what is good or bad as is initiated by the process of socialization. The analogy of morality and beauty is thus inseparable from the attributes of natural appearance as well as the judgment through virtues (Gill, 16-20). Lewis in his great writing about the ‘four types of love’ appreciates the supernatural being of god who through his own way created all things that we perceive, seen and...Using some points of view of many philosophers the paper makes a conclusion that they have carried out extensive research studies to define the term beauty. A consensus is that beauty can be interpreted through vast approaches. Natural and moral beauties are appreciated comparatively as the natural beauty holds lots to do with the ‘uncreated’ beauty and as such may allude to the supernatural. Summarizing the paper, we can say that moral beauty is defined differently by people. However, commonality in the definitions hold in that there is appreciation of what is created or made through the judgment of the commonly agreed upon virtues within the human beings’ set up. Moral as well as ethical attributes of the attitude of human beings spell out what morality and beauty is to the people. This paper has found that people define moral beauty in regard to the convergence of the five senses of hearing, tasting, feeling, touch as well as the sight. Beauty is understood in the capacity to appreciate through liking or loving objects. Lewis on his book about love described the various types of love that exist between people; the erotic love, friendship, affection as well as the love of God. Through the book, it is apparent clear that a distinction between loving and liking holds in that loving has aspects of appreciation that links emotional feeling to the feeling. Moral beaut y can therefore be understood in the various approaches and through them all, appreciation is the key attribute.

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