Monday, July 29, 2019

The French Newspaper Le Monde Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The French Newspaper Le Monde - Essay Example This paper will throw light upon Le Monde and all the necessary details will be provided in this paper. "The newspaper was established in 1944-as soon as the German army had quit Paris but whileWorld War IIcontinued-on orders of the new government of GeneralCharles de Gaulleas a means of providing a respected voice for France. It was printed on the presses of the defunctLe Temps,and a prewar correspondent of that paper, Hubert Beuve-Mry, was appointed its editor and director. He insisted on, and was granted, the right to operateLe Mondeas an independent organ, with no government or private subsidies and with the right to formulate its own editorial policies. By the end of its first yearLe Monde's accuracy and independence were widely noted and it had attained a circulation in excess of 150,000 copies." (Le Monde, 15 April 2009). The newspaper has made its mark in France and the writers of the newspaper have full authority to express their views and usually they express their views that are backed up with good research. The newspaper has had to face financial problems in the past but it has been very well established and no longer faces any financial trouble. Beuve-Mery is considered to be the founder of Le Monde. He was an editor and a French Publisher who not only established Le Monde but also took the newspaper to new heights.

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