Saturday, July 27, 2019

Online multimedia cannot compete against the traditional CD multimedia Essay

Online multimedia cannot compete against the traditional CD multimedia systems.IN REPORT FORMAT - Essay Example Here I will show how the traditional CD technology was better as compared to new online multimedia technology. The term media is employed in difference to media which simply make use of conventional types of hand-produced or printed material. Multimedia comprises a mixture of animation, video, audio, interactivity, still images and text content types (Kenneth, 1998). Multimedia is an elderly notion that has been specified fresh meaning by the computer industry in the course of their hard work to make multimedia compatible computing platforms. If we define Multimedia in the scholarly sense then it will be called as the â€Å"interactive dramatization of information†. Multimedia technology employs the computer to unite animation, text, audio, and graphics and complete motion video in the user control. However mixture of these functions have been obtainable for several years, it has been hard to merge them so that the non-technical consumer is able to control them and thus produce documents or functions that add in all these features. Usually, putting collectively such arrangement necessitates the abilities of a computer programmer or an information technology professional. In the pervious few years there has been infrequent employ made of multimedia resources together in academia and in business, however this has been mainly driven by exper t persons working ad hoc and in separation. Multimedia is generally played and recorded, accessed or displayed by information processing multimedia devices, like that a computerized or an electronic device, however it can be a fraction of a live multimedia performance (Parker et al, 1996). This section presents the evolution of the multimedia technology from its origin to present online multimedia technology. In the year 1965 the expression Multimedia was employed to explain the â€Å"Exploding Plastic Inevitable†, a performance that combined live cinema, experimental

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