Thursday, October 17, 2019

To investigate various aspects of the design and construction of a Assignment

To investigate various aspects of the design and construction of a major civil engineering project that has taken place in the last few years - Assignment Example Skidmore, Merrill and Owings performed the tasks of the engineering and architecture. Other roles in the construction process included the chief structural engineer performed by Bill Baker, Adrian Smith was the chief architect and Samsung C & T being the primary contractor (10, 11,12). The construction division of Al Ghurair Investment carried the tower construction activities (14, 13). The design of the tower was based on the idea that it was to be the centrepiece of a wide scale development. The initial plan stipulated that the development would have several functions. The building is designed to to encompass thirty thousand homes, at least nineteen residential towers, nine holes, the Burj Khalifa man-made lake and the great Dubai Mall. The additional constructions and structure around the building offered alternative solutions to the needs that would not be met by the building. The primary decision to build the structure relied on the government decision towards diversification. It is observed that the government wanted to diversify from dependence on the oil to service and tourism sector. It is evident that the construction of Burj Khalifa has led to a lot of international recognition. The outcome of such recognitions is increased investment from both the local and international community. The building has put Dubai on the map due to the sensations it creates. The design process was carried out by Merrill, Skidmore and Owings. The architects have also designed other leading structure such as the Willis Tower and the New Yorks World Trade Centre. The structure takes the application of the bundled tube design (37, 38). The building is a reminiscence of the Vision for Illinois, the Frank Lloyd Wright design, designed for Chicago. Initially, Burj Kalifa was designed based on the tower place Tree building with its seventy-three floors. Additionally, the initial plan had it that the building should solely be used for residential purposes. Subsequent

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