Thursday, October 17, 2019

Statement of Purpose for PhD in Supply Chain Management Essay

Statement of Purpose for PhD in Supply Chain Management - Essay Example These activities include buying product parts from the suppliers, assembling those parts for the manufacturing of the product, and selling the manufactured parts to the customers. For every supply chain process to be efficient, there are some key steps, which the management of a company must take. These steps include plan, develop, create, deliver, and return. Planning is the step which initiates the supply chain process. In this step, a proper strategy is developed by the management in order to make the product or service meet the needs and demands of the customers. Next step is to develop the product. This step includes some important activities such as identifying the reliable and efficient suppliers, planning the method for shipping, product delivery planning, and making payments. Make is the third stage in the supply chain process. This step includes manufacturing, testing, packaging, and scheduling activities. All key issues related to the product manufacturing and packaging are managed at this step. The fourth step in the supply chain process includes delivery of the manufactured product to the targeted customers. At this step, orders are taken from th e customers and the requested products and services are delivered to the customers by the company. Return is the last step included in the supply chain process. In this process, customers deliver the defective products back to the company either for replacement or for refund of money. I am fully aware of all issues related to these steps, and my skills and innovative nature motivate me to do something new in the field of supply chain management. One of the reasons for why am I applying for the doctorate program being offered by the Dublin Institute of Technology is the level of motivation which I have for obtaining doctorate degree in Supply Chain Management. It has been one of my desires since I started my university life to get a

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