Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mind and Consciousness

take care and wittingness appears to act as inseparable entities. Daily functions atomic number 18 interpreted for granted, non given much scene how everyday habitual patterns work. Television programming, plectrum of music, newspapers, magazines, commonwealth we choose to communicate with and the invitation of outback(a) influences has an overall impact on our witting headlands, eventually. Environments, situations and circumstances seem to be automatic, these conditions arrived without whatever conscious effort. All extraneous factors ledger entry into questions is in the process of becoming a part of the thought, just almost eer temporarily. Understanding differences between understanding and sense is crucial to understanding the environment we be living in, and our daily behavior.Many people say, they would never select to live in the conditions they live, or are associate with their friends, or select other situations they are shortly in. This is where the co nsciousness is separate from the mind. The mind or brain would not accept these predicaments, but the consciousness selected these situations. People valuing their freedom to go out dancing in nightclubs, or go chase their kids or tail in the park chooses to stay in the middle, maybe lower financial income. Millionaires allow to keep up a trustworthy image, because someone is always watching. Running with a dog in the park is not considered sophisticated behavior of an outstanding citizen. The consciousness chooses financial status, friends, environments depending on beliefs.It has often been express by many motivational speakers, you are what you think. Over era, repeated thoughts automatically reoccurring locomote part of the consciousness. People start behaving wish the actors they see on television without realizing they changed, or they pick up an accent. Once the consciousness accepted the outside messages, these beliefs become a part of the person, or who the person i n reality is. The difference between the mind and consciousness is the mind changes, but the consciousness is perm or takes a long time or repeated programming for a temporary change. disposition (pure awareness) is who you are, and does not prevail a material origin (Morose, 2004). Consciousness is much much permanent than the mind. The mind brings us into different environments done jobs, relocations, leaving old friends, meeting new people. finished external changes, we keep our same beliefs, values, feelings our consciousness. When we relinquish a place physically, our internal, invisible consciousness goes with us.Using the example, Alzheimers disease, the brain or mind functions do become partly or totally inaccessible, but consciousness never alters (Morese). Although the physical body changes, the mind does not. The mind and brain are physical external objects. The conscious mind is the true(a) soul or internal intentions of the person. extraneous appearances are usually an accurate formula of who they are on the inside.The mind is a fascinating mystery. Scientists conduct numerous studies and look trying to find out more about the minds and consciousness. Naturally, diagnosing physical problems, such(prenominal) as Alzheimers, and several forms of brain terms are much easier than unraveling the real mysteries of the mind. Scientists and doctors erect see a brain. They cannot see the mind. such(prenominal) of the conclusions of exactly how the mind works is left wing up to beliefs, opinions, and studys of akin patterns.Even when external influences alters personality, it is only for skeleton periods. For example, a well behaved teen acquiring mixed up with the wrong campaign intentions will become obvious through any type of discipline or counseling resulting from temporarily choosing the wrong path. The conscious mind is permanent, the mind is changeable. Once external conditions change, the consciousness reveals itself.SourceMoros e, (2004) The Separation of Mind and Consciousness retrieved 13 December http//  

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