Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Persuasive Speech Outline

Did you k right off that marihuana is the or so(prenominal) frequently utilize dose in the United States? According to the National ground on Drug Use, sixty-nine million Ameri undersurfaces over the come along of twelve attain tried deposenabis at least(prenominal) once. The average age of trying marijuana was fourteen geezerhood old.

A. Now, as you each(prenominal) know, marijuana is illegal. So, at that placefore, if you lower caught smoking, growing, selling, or trafficking marijuana you go to jail or even sometimes prison. The mass of the two million U.S. pris peerlessrs that are incarcerated are due to drugs. In some other words, we flip to build more prisons and jails to hold the really criminals because the majority of the prisons are full with drug offenders.

B.The money that it cares to mob these potheads, build these prisons, and pay for the staff to baby-sit them is coming appear of our pockets - the working taxpayers.

C.An enormous amount of money is creation exhausted each year on incarcerating non-violent and otherwise law-abiding citizens. non including the money spent on prison management and construction. The DEA now spends $1.3 billion a year fighting marijuana. Overall, federal anti-marijuana efforts have cost taxpayers $30 billion. The result: $2 billion expenditure of hemp being seized and destroyed, 4 million people being arrested, and 250,000 individuals being jailed for more than one year - alone no basic change in physical exercise patterns from the 1960s. Is it worthy it?

D.Our taxes are being raised for marijuana users when that money could be utilize to build schools, playgrounds, and facilities that could be apply for our families to benefit from kinda of housing potheads.


A. Putting a pothead in jail for a marijuana crime, creating a felon who harms no one tho his own health, imposes no threat to society, makes...

I must say that I agree with many of the previous comments... tho regardless...

I averageish wanted to add a couple of my own points

eldest of all I think you should have stressed your 3.A I think that the fundamental problem here is that state legislature is intruding on personal freedom here.

The basic order to a liberal society is the principle of liberty broaden to the point of infringing upon anothers liberty. America al low- haves for the ownership of hand guns, an object knowing with violence in mind, and yet supergrass is illegal? What scares me the most?

Of course this argument apprise be extended to all drugs as far as Im concerned. I dont see why the state has the right to stop me from actions that in effect stop self-destructive.

Furthermore, if drugs are legal there are a series of other advantages (some of which I believe are vital to such an essay but were left out regardless).

-If a drug is legal it is far easier to regulate: it can be taxed to dish deal with the perverse health effects... addiction etc...

-Most overdoses, even for the more serious drugs I believe result from impurities: if one is used to a shot of heroin which is 50% sweet n low :-) and then takes something much purer the likelihood of an overdose arises. State pattern of drugs would help avoid these problems.

-It is a firm belief of mine that one of the more negative aspects of drug addiction is not necessarily a direct result of the use of drugs. Rather, if one has an addiction to nourish one volition scramble a fix by any means possible. This will take time, effort, money... all of which often leads to stealing etc... and as mentioned in the essay, users will become unproductive members of society. Ive heard of programs in Switzerland where heroin addicts were provided with a shot on a daily basis. This was done in healthy controlled conditions, and the participants I believe were provided with counseling etc... from the best of my knowledge, most of these individuals were working in under 6 months and were living on the face of it normal lives.

Many perverse effects of drug usage are undeniably a result of their illicit status.

Any look... I think I could go on all night... but I wont :-)

Remember, most of what I mentioned is from memory only and I would advise against anyone using any of my comments without backing them up with move research.

I pretty much agree with your views but please halt your facts strait;

Marijuana doesnt have medical purposes for treating cancer! It can cause lung cancer in much the same way as tobacco. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Medically it is used to relieve pain in conditions like MS nd other terminal illnesses.

You motif to justify the cultral advantages for legalising cannabis much more strong for your balmy to have any kind of lasting effect. You could say that it deepens your senses and stochastic other things.

A driver who is high is just as likely to crash as some who has been drinking. All drungs substitute reaction rates.

The drug doesnt pass forthwith through your occupation seem, so although you may not over dose there may be higher quantities working in your bole than tou realise.

Plus: Is incarcerating the only big word you know?

Basically, fair effort but get your facts right. Everyone has the right to smoke cannabis but only when they know the extent of its side effects.

The address has good language and grammers ok,

however i cant substantiate the point at part D(since when do taxes go straight to us users ;))

On a more serious point, (i can talk from personal experience here)

what good is it to society if you have a population stoned to the core on weed who cant do anything useful for it?

I mean marijuana is still not as bad as other drugs ie heorin , but its still a stimulant which can change the behavior of people quite quickly, adversely.

back to the speech,

to get top marks on this you will have to salutary passionate and convincing, while you should be able to put down the opposing side with simple facts made clearly. That should sway your audition so youll be the victor.

I agree with jonjonas. youre subjectively presenting facts, which I adore you on doing pretty well. however, unlike the other pending legalization essay, you did not answer the so what? question.

its only in the scheme phase, and its a pretty good out line, but as an essay it needs working on.

if marinol which derivative from marijuana is used to relief pain,nausea, vomiting etc i wonder why marijuana is still a shedule 1 nacotic drug . moreover marijuana is cheaper and afordable than marinol which is sold in pharmacies.afterall misuse of any drug,(OTC) even acetaminophen leads to drug abuse therefore marijuana should be devoted the chance of freedom but shouldnt be misused.

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