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This essay is about pellagra, a disease that was common in the southeastern states ranging from around the early 1900s until the end of WWII and the many scientists who worked to find the cure.


Pellagra was a disease that affected hundreds of thousands of residents within the southeastern part of the coupled States from the time of its original known reports in the early 1900s to the end of World War II, in 1945. Dr. Joseph Goldberger, from New York, was given credit for finding the cure for Pellagra. Contributing to the Goldbergers cure were the discoveries of doctors and scientists earlier to and during the time that Dr. Goldberger was working on the cure himself.

Pellagra was a terrible disease that over time slowly killed the people that were afflict with the disease. Pellagra, occurring almost exclusively in the poorer classes, is easily observed by the discoloration and thickening of the skin (usually the hands, neck, and the feet). The lesions on the skin atomic number 18 usually spread evenly, symmetrical on both sides of the body. different symptoms of pellagra are reddened tongue and a scalding sense in the mouth. This disease eventually causes weakness, nervousness, indigestion, and in advanced stages, dissolution and various forms of insanity. (Trail To Light p. 288).

Pellagra was a disease that had already been dealt with in southern Europe for nearly two hundred geezerhood prior to the startle reported case in the United States (The Butterfly Caste, Preface VII). Pellagra was first noticed by Spanish peasants, and reported by Don Gaspar Casal in 1735 (War on Pellagra, p.1). The disease was often mistaken for leprosy. Pellagra, meaning, rough skin, was first termed in 1771 by Francesco Frapolli in Milan (American Heritage, p.74). At first, this disease was viewed as a disease of the poor, but later it was linked to privation that was common in southern Europe.

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Harris, a physician from Atlanta, Georgia, first reported pellagra in the United States in expose 1902, after examining a...

It is too bad that an obviously well researched set about on this disease can at the end establish a non-medical person, such as myself, asking, now just what is pellagra anyway? Although the author gives an extensive array of facts, they are not tied together in any organization that enlightens. Disappointing.

I add together with Rhonduski. I still do not understand amply what pellagra is.. maybe you can include a give description on how it effected the enitire world.

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