Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Must write an individual report of 1500 words. This report must be Essay

Must write an individual report of 1500 words. This report must be based on the consumer focussed web site you are due to presen - Essay Example Thus, website development is highly crucial and it should be mainly designed using a customer centric approach so that it can steal the show among their existent competitors in the market (Chaffey and Dave, 2008, p. 152). I am a member of a website development team who is developing a website which deals with laundry products and apparels. The paper will focus on my justifications regarding the Internet market techniques along with other crisp business strategies which will be highly useful in making our website stand well in the competitive front. Promotion of Brand Awareness The promotion of brand awareness is one of the crucial parts to highlight the website and is one of the benevolent strategies of the e-commerce industry. The brand awareness must be executed in such a manner that the customers receive detailed and rational information regarding the firm and its offerings. This technique can be used as a signal to the current and prospective customers, which will state that the customer is on the cutting edge. I will develop a model with product differentiation strategies along with an image rich message with a tag line which should be in line with the actual performance of the products of delivery. Another stylized technique which I will apply to promote the website is AdWords which are an established mechanism of targeting the potential customers and establishing brand awareness at a reasonable price. I would also be posting some testimonials from our pleased customers along with a few photographs of our ways of functioning to support the services offered in my website. Target Audience Another major decision is the selection of target customers. The market has to be segregated into subparts of customers and sections should be set in the order of priority. Since our website focuses on the marriage laundry, domestic and hotel laundry, the market will be divided into subparts and focus on the micro analysis. People think of marketing management as finding a s many customers as possible and increasing demand. But it is not the right policy and it is not possible for the marketing manager to serve all the customers coming in their way. Trying to serve all the customers, it would not be possible to serve any of the customers properly. So in our area of target, our top priority will be on the marriage sector as well as the hotel sector. For example, Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen stores profitably target affluent professionals; Dollarama stores profitably target families with more modest means. The advertisement budget will also have to be considered and will be concentrated on key areas. The main things which will be taken into consideration are targeting, demographics, key words and the budget. Keeping a close watch on this, our target customers can be attracted (Website Promotion, 2012). Creating Value Proposition The value proposition of the company

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