Friday, October 4, 2019

The Use of Shocking and Stricking Visual Effects Essay Example for Free

The Use of Shocking and Stricking Visual Effects Essay Early seventeenth century plays often make striking use of visual effects to shock the audience. Explain the ways Ford creates striking or shocking dramatic effects in Tis Pity Shes a Whore. Plays of the seventeenth century are notoriously known for being rife with gory representations and some critics have gone as far as to suggest that Ford is a prime example of the glorification of violence and sex on the stage. However, this stylistic use and representation was not unwanted by his audience seventeenth century theatre goers of that age expected shocking scenes with the purchase of a ticket. This very apparent made it necessary for Ford to sometimes over dramatise or make more bounteous his shocking and striking scenes John Ford, many would argue, went just that one step further. Undeniably, one of the most shocking moments that Ford creates is seen fairly near to the beginning of the play in an exchange between Giovanni and Annabella. The plays main plot revolves around the two siblings and their growing love for one another, and we see this love addressed and first reciprocated in Act I, Sc 2. Giovanni is first to admit his love, offering Annabella a dagger to strike him with if she does not requite this love. This moment is extremely dramatic and shocking to the audience, as Giovannis desperate nature if revealed here; Ford establishes both his character and his characters intentions very forcefully. Later in the scene, the two kneel together, making a commitment to one another. They both say the exact same thing, except brother is changed to sister where applicable. Ford here creates a dichotomy for his audience; without our prior knowledge, this scene is strikingly beautiful, but we as an audience as ultimately repelled and shocked by their declaration of love upon our mothers dust. Ford uses the proxemics of Annabella and Giovanni as a method of shocking the audience. The kneeling suggests a greater commitment, almost a spiritual marriage between the two or giving oneself up to the other. Giovanni follows suit by kneeling by Annabella. This not only creates an effect use of the stage, but also a differentiation between normality, but a consistency and uniformity between the two. The shocking element of this scene is aided by the repetition of speech and the language used; they both start and finish addressing each other as their siblings. This reinforces the wrongness the repulsion, unsettling feeling toward the shocking situation. They also swear on their dead mother, creating more family ties and emphasising the severity of their actions, or the actions they would be willing to carry out. The two then declare, love me, or kill me; this again shows the severity of passion between the two. It is interesting to note that this proclamation of love is the only one found throughout the play that is true, deep and meaningful. In retrospect, Fords creation and portrayal of an incestuous relationship as the only one that is right throughout the play, shocks the audience and forces them to make judgements between what they believe are right and wrong.

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