Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Safety Tents and Other Non Permanant Buildings Essay

Safety Tents and Other Non Permanant Buildings - Essay Example These shelters take numerous forms, including a traditional tentlike structure. One of the main advantages of these protective structures is that they are incredibly strong in relation to the weight of their components. Therefore, they can be rapidly deployed by two to four people. Kevlar’s superiority stems from its minimal â€Å"vibration transfer† (Kayak Terapad). It can be molded and shaped, yet maintains its structural integrity. Therefore, it enhances the user’s safety in numerous stress and impact scenarios. One of the military uses for such shelters is the Chemical Biological Protected Shelter System (CBPSS) (Business Wire 1997). They are intended for battlefield use against biological or chemical weapons assault. A company called Chemfab has developed the Kevlar-based fabric. The shelter also reduces lingering air contamination following a chemical or ballistic explosion. Homeland Security is using such a device in dirty bomb control. This variation is called a Universal Containment System, and it was developed by Vanguard Response Sytems in Canada (Popular Mechanics 2004). The ballistic resistant tent contains a foam that suppresses the detonation blast. At present, the system can only suppress a bomb the size of a book bag. The technology will be developed to contain a truck bomb, like the one deployed at the World Trade Center in 1993. A similar application is called the Chemical Biological Explosives Containment System (CBECS). It consists of a seven foot inflatable tent that contains a water-based foam, which not only contains the explosion, but it also puts out any chemically-based fires that may ignite (Patent Storm 2007). The whole structure can cover an explosive device, which is then deployed relatively safely (DOD Tech Match). These tents are now being made for the general public by Zumro, Inc. The Chemical/Biological Counterterrorism

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