Monday, September 23, 2019

Three reasons why Adolf Hitler is the Epitomy of Evil Research Paper

Three reasons why Adolf Hitler is the Epitomy of Evil - Research Paper Example First, Hitler was evil because he started wars and no one could trust him. Second, because he was an anti-Semite responsible for the Holocaust and deaths of millions of people in concentration camps. And third, because he believed he was right and everyone should listen to him, and as a genius all children should be indoctrinated with his thinking. These three reasons will be further explored in this essay. Hitler was a war leader because he chose to start wars everywhere in Europe. He was deluded if he thought that other people were starting wars against him. His surprise attack on the Soviet Union is a good example of this. Every time he made an agreement with someone he broke it. He was a war leader by choice. He loved war and wanted it to start everywhere. He knew that Russia was never an easy place to invade and that the brutal winters made it very hard to hold ground there. But he decided to invade anyway. The lives of his soldiers meant nothing to him—a very evil positi on for a commander-in-chief. Hitler thought his invasion of the Soviet Union could be complete within a few months, but he overestimated the speed and equipment at the disposal of the Wehrmacht. At Stalingrad, the Soviet army delayed the Germans long enough to effectively freeze them out and encircle the Sixth Army—a devastating blow. ... He became detached from reality and refused to listen to advice about anything. Finally, perhaps Hitler's most evil as a war leader was not seeking to surrender when it was clear that he had lost the war. If he had chosen to surrender unconditionally the allies, he would have saved millions of lives. The last months of the war were very bloody and they required the Allies to fight for every last inch of territory. He might even have been able to come up with a conditional surrender—although it was against the Allies policy dictated at Casablanca—had he been willing to step down. Nothing was gained by fighting to the last man except the total destruction of his own country. This was a terrible, culminating show of his evil being. Hitler's beliefs marked him out as an evil individual. Hitler believed that all Jews were different than Germans (Langer, 54). He wanted Germans to fit into the Aryan ideal and to be blue-eyed and blonde-haired. He desired a people that did not look at all Semitic. To Hitler, Jews could be detected by their appearance. This was another example of his anti-Semitism which led to the Holocaust. He thought that people who were different than him should die. He arranged for death camps to be built to house and kill people he felt were inferior such as gypsies, communists, homosexuals, and Jews. These people were often marginalized in German society, but Hitler wanted to blame all of Germany's troubles on them. He went to extreme lengths to ensure they were killed and their existence wiped off the face of the planet. It is hard to conceive of a more evil act. Another evil example that Hitler personified was indoctrinating young people into his evil way of thinking. Hitler definitely thought that young people should indoctrinated early

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