Thursday, September 26, 2019

Theories Of International Relations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Theories Of International Relations - Assignment Example The theory says that all states are equal, and no state can purport to direct the affairs of another country (Slaughter, pp 2-7). Due to this independence from each other, the states are never interested in the happenings of another state. This theory can be seen as a classic case of self-preservation by the individual states. Therefore, one state can never subordinate its needs or interest, or jeopardize its interest be they economic or political in favor of another state's interest. Each state will, therefore, do all it can to put itself in a position where it can protect itself from extinction. The theory further shows that there is little trust between and among states to assist each other in the event of a crisis (Walts, P.27). Constructivism is a theory that is based on interest and objects of states in the world. Unlike neorealism of s. Constructivism to of is by of in of theirs. It is not; therefore, a case of utilitarianism but one for shared goals. The theory explains that there are many reasons why states will cooperate with each other. For instance where the security country in jeopardy the other countries likely assist in that state and evidence that and the supporting states acting self-preservation (Behrahesh, para 5-7). Ministry of defense (2014) show that as the times change, there will be more insecurity will as a result of state attaching a lot of importance to the ideologies on the two issues. The states will tend to be more independent and therefore engage in detrimental activities. The states will tend to be more defensive, and the role of the UN will be peripheral as states attempt to safeguard their position. This would be a manifestation of neorealism where each state formulates its ideologies regardless of the effect it may have on the states (Ministry of defense, 2014 pp, 16).  Ã‚  

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