Friday, September 13, 2019

Question 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Question 3 - Essay Example There are over 62 million women in the United States of childbearing age from 15 to 44 years (â€Å"Facts†). This represents the potential target market for Oxylent. The primary market has been identified as women aged between 28 to 40 years. Currently, the Prenatal Oxylent pack is designed to contain 30 packets; further market research is necessary to establish whether additional packaging units must be made for 7, 60 and 90 packets. Additional research is also necessary with respect to advertising and distribution. The product has been pretested for purity as well as potency; further market tests will be conducted using stratified samples for possible side effects. The product will be available nationwide using a market penetration strategy, along with a strong advertising effort. Oxylent will be launched by the second quarter of this fiscal year and is expected to achieve strong market growth soon. The marketing strategies for the product have been designed to snare a ten to twenty percent market share in the first year. The Development stage is nearly wrapped up and product introduction is expected now. Sales volume is expected to be steep due to pricing strategy, strong relationship building and product innovativeness. As opposed to tablets that have to be swallowed or chewed, this innovative powder has a fruity flavor and is easily dissolved in water, making it easier for pregnant women to consume it. Furthermore, the product contains zero gluten, lactose, caffeine, artificial flavors and sugar. This product USP sets this product apart from competition and attracts women. To ensure sustained market growth this USP needs to be communicated to the target market. â€Å"Vitalah Introduces Prenatal Oxylent— An Innovative, Easy-to-Digest, Great-Tasting Effervescent and the Official Prenatal Multivitamin of the American Pregnancy Association.† Americanpregnancy. American Pregnancy

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