Thursday, July 25, 2019

Advantages of Database Management Systems over Traditional File Proces Essay

Advantages of Database Management Systems over Traditional File Processing Systems - Essay Example The file-based system also faces problems of security & integrity. The concept of database and the Database Management System (DMS) was introduced in order to overcome the limitations of the file-based approach. A database is a collection of interrelated data. The primary aim of the database is to provide a way to store and retrieve database information in a fast and efficient manner. (Seltzer, 2008) 5) Improved security: A database provides security to users in the form of username and passwords. Additional levels of security are also possible. It can identify the user type and accordingly provide them permission for retrieval, insertion, updating and deletion of data. (Jain, 2005) 6) Enforcement of standards: The integration of the database sets in place the standards for data formats, naming conventions, documentation standards, update procedures and access rules. Same standards for the data make it easier to access it & save a lot of time. 12) In a file-based system, each user defines his own constraints and sets his own rules for defining the data. Whereas in a database approach, a single repository of data is created which is accessed by multiple users. A database not only contains data but also contains the description of a database structure. This is also called ‘metadata’ ( data about data ). (Hoffer, 2007) 2) Higher impact of a failure as compared to a File-based System: The database approach increases the vulnerability of the system due to the centralization. As all users and applications rely on the database availability, the failure of any component can bring operations to a halt and affect the services to the customer seriously. (Thomas M. Connolly, 2004)  Ã‚  

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