Thursday, February 7, 2019

Characterization Of The Physician :: essays research papers

Direct portraitureDoctor of physicsHe was very into astronomy.He kept his patient from being depressed by horoscope and magic.He could sense the fortune thatll arrive in his sick patients dwelling. He was a very good physician.He knew the cause of every sickness. His patient pays him in gold. He read a lot of medical books written by the illustrious physicians such as Esculapius, Deiscorides, Hippocrates and Hali etc. He was careful just about his fast never ate a bite more than he should soon enough he ate healthily.He read buy little in the Bible.He dressed to kill(p) in blue and scarlet. He is careful with his money.He kept the gold he gained and loved it more than anything else.Indirect CharacterizationHe is well respected in the society since he is a doctor.He might be a descending(prenominal) of one of the well-known physicians.He studied a lot about care for and its causes. It said that he knew the cause of very malady, were it of hot or cold.He credibly isnt a Christ ian, at least not a devoted one. He cures his patients not from his good-will, but because the gold hell receive later.He enjoys reading books written about medicine, or anything that has to do with his field. He seems to be fastidious, and wary man.Hes fairly adequate (This is portrayed through his attire) yet not very generous, maybe withal a bit stingy.The Social ClassDoctors, throughout the century has been considered the higher-class people, the more nobles ones. It was the selfsame(prenominal) during the Medieval Period. They were regarded as the high-class, the well educated. Doctors and physicians alike were very influential, especially when experience about medicine werent as perceived as now. People rough look up to them and go to them for help.

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