Friday, November 11, 2016

The Concept of Belonging

The word belonging put up be defined as a feeling of auspices and support when there is a wiz of acceptance, inclusion and identity element to a member nerve-wracking to fit into a legitimate group, place, organisation etc. (Connect/ touch patronise to question). These ideas result be explored through the play Rainbows End by Jane Harrison, the objective internal North Korea foursome Corners by Hardcash Production. Rainbows End is make out in the 1950s in a coun demonstrate town in Shepparton. It explores the lives of three autochthonic women: Nan Dear, Gladys and Dolly, who have real a strong, positive union to family that provides them with a sense of warranter and confidence. This sense of belonging to family is explored in Rainbows End when in eyeshot six, The Inspection, a government inspector comes to the humpy and says he recommends in his promulgate that the family are to be understood fully. Gladys and Nan Dear try to hide the fact that Gladys has a dau ghter, as they fear she will be taken away. The examiner says, So, only the two back rooms...Are there children staying with you? Gladys replies, my children are any prominent up, off working. Gladys tries to defend dolly by say all her children are grown up. Then dolly comes in and Nan tries to signal for her to leave, entirely dolly was spotted by the inspector. This develops the idea how Aborigines were disconnected from club and were taken away from their families the stolen generation.\nInside North Korea Four Corners, was record in 2014. It conveyed a sense of alienation towards the people sustenance in North Korea. Since its institution after World struggle II very fiddling information has left the dry land which isolates it from the rest of the world. For example nervous strain footage, various images were all controlled. This canonised the leader. The information allowed to leave the country was controlled to an extent were only precedent was shown. They ru le and produce supplies intimate the country, a...

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