Monday, February 10, 2014

"If I..." Poem of love and death (Its like a life story, starting from teenage love to elderly love)

If I met you in the street, would you smile? If I met you in a club, would you ask me to dance? If met you in a restaurant, would you ask me to terminus with you? If I held your hand in the street, would you turn away? If I kissed you in the park, would you kiss me back? If I opened the asylum for you, would you walk through it? If I said, I do, would you? If I carried your child, would you still love me? If I had our child, would you hold my hand? If I said, I love you, would you say it back? If I cried, would you deduct? If when they closed your coffin, and I said goodbye, would you do the same? If I prayed at night for you, would you respond? If I died, would you be oppose for me? If I lived, would you be looking down at me? If I told our children the story of how we met, would you smile? If I asked you to bring me back to our savorless years of holding hands in the street and hugging in the park, would you? If I bid the world goodbye, would we be together once more? --References --> I recognized some recite and gramatical errors in the poetry (for example in the third question, you disoriented an I, and leave is spelled live...). But anyway, that doesnt destroy the poem at all. I think its a great piece of graze, and I in particular like the last two questions, they site me into some rightfully tough thinking. Good work! Smik This is an fine poem. It really shows you how flock of different ages act when they encounter aline love. Everytime you repeat the parlance If I the point/purpose of the poem is simply impelled home again and again. Great work! If you want to purport a full essay, order it on our website:
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