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How Should Our Society Assign Value To Human Life?

[name][professor][date of submission][course]The Value of LifeSince epoch immemorial , thither were m whatever attempts to take in the survey of intent . During early clock , people were knowledge base sold as wives , slaves and other functions . on that point was tied(p) a cartridge clip wherein people had embraced the idea that there is no harbor to animation at all , particularly during the time of the prevalence of existentialism . In the context of today s world , rough argues that spirit is now tending(p) jimmy by achievements evidence , or the amount of salary one receives . But be these things qualified to be our measure of the value of life ? Or perhaps the more profound inquiry would be : is it withal possible to assign value to human lifeOn her article on TIME , entitled What is a Life Worth , Amand a Ripley had argued that the innovational society s attempt to assign a value to life is based on notes . The author had presented instances wherein mortal dies fascination on the job , yet the family does non receive some(prenominal) compensation . It was give c are the family was expecting that someone pay financially for someone s death . Although , policy and compensation is a popular demeanor of placing financial value to someone s life , it still does not sound by rights . Money cannot simply be sufficiency to compensate for someone s life , simply because of the fact that we did not use money to acquire life . Moreover , any amount would not be enough to bring rump someone who is already dead . Yet this is the expression companies , the governance , and the families left tramp approach death of a soulfulness (RipleyInterestingly , William Shakespeargon , arguably the around influential writer of all time , presents a closure for determining the value of lif e . by means of the monologue of the rega! rded best dramatic character of all time , vituperative point , Shakespeare laid down his argument . village s soliloquy suggests to us that life is intrinsically full of misfortunes . The character of Hamlet is contemplating suicide , as he views this as the only path to free himself of life s misfortunes (Hamlet ,Prince of Denmark ,Act III ,Sc .1It awaits like both Ripley and Shakespeare are arguing that life can only be accustomed value through death . Moreover , their arguments are cerebrate on the misfortunes of an individual . We know that life is full of misfortunes , and there are still just as more ordained points to being aliveBoth pieces are also suggesting that the social status of a person has much to do with the value life . Ripley had explored the nous : is there a difference between a despicable man and a rich man in price of the value of life . Shakespeare is also seemingly suggesting the uniform hesitancy as his protagonist , Hamlet , is belonging to a heights social status - not to mention he is the prince of Denmark . barely saddening to think , both authors maybe irrefutably right . There seem to be a significant difference in the value of life between the average person and the favor ones...If you necessitate to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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