Saturday, January 25, 2014

Self Realization

BHAGAVAD GITA- THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUPREME.. Conversation 1. Arjunas Despair Dhritarashtra said: 1:1. On the field of Dharma, on the sacred field of Kuru, my*  watchwords and the paroles of Pandu obligate self-contained desiring to battle; what be they doing, O Sanjaya*? Sanjaya replied: 1:2. raja Duryodhana, beholding the army of the Pandavas drawn up for battle, approached his guru Drona and said: 1:3. Behold, O master, this powerful army of the sons of Pandu, arrayed for battle by the son of Drupada, your talented disciple! 1:4. Here are the the right way archers, equal to Bhima and Arjuna in battle: Yuyudhana and Virata, and Drupada on a spacious chariot, 1:5. Dhrishtaketu, Chekitana, valorous raja of Kashi Purujit, Kuntibhoja and Shaivya, the heroes among men, 1:6. Mighty Yudhamanyu, doughty Uttamoja, the son of Saubhadra, and the sons of Drupada all on ample chariots. 1:7. go through also our chiefs, O trump of twice-born*, the leaders of my army. The se are their call: 1:8. Yourself, Bhishma, victorious Karna and Kripa, Ashvatthama, Vikarna, and the son of Somadatta, 1:9. And many other heroes, who are ready to send down their lives for me all fit with diverse weapons, all are experienced warriors. 1:10. Our forces search to me insufficient, though they are commanded by Bhishma; and theirs seem to me sufficient, though they are commanded by Bhima. 1:11. Therefore, let everyone, standing in his conduct in troops, and you, chiefs, guard Bhishma. 1:12. To inspirit him, the oldest of the Kurus, glorious Bhishma blew his conch shell, which sounds give care a windfall lion. 1:13. Right away, conch shells and cymbals, drums and horns blared in retort producing a churning noise. 1:14. Then, seated in a smashing chariot yoked to white horses, Madhava* and Pandava* blew their heavenly conch shells. 1:15. Hrishikesha* blew the Panchajanya, Dhananjaya*blew the Devadatta*, and a man of great exploits Vrikodara blew his conch shell, the Pandura. 1:16. King Yudhi! shtira the son of Kunti,...If you indirect request to shoot a full essay, order it on our website:

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