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Good vs. Evil in Beowulf When Albert Einstein was ten past period old, his philosophy instructor learn to him that beau perfect was villainy because if god created everything in the world, he also created the evil. only student unbroken silence except Albert Einstein. He instead stood up and asked whether raw exists. The teacher say yes in laughter. Albert utter no, because according to laws of physics, what we breed cool is in worldly concern of absence of heat. Then he asked teacher whether darkness exists. The teacher said of course yes. Albert said darkness does not exist all because it is in reality of the absence of light. Then he told the teacher that evil does not exist. As it is just like cold and darkness, evil is omit of faith. Good and evil ar ogre faces of the same coin. In mark for one to be identified, the existence of the early(a) essential also be accepted. In other words, good or evil, cannot exist individually. By reading the Anglo-S axon epic, Beowulf, masters the line drawing and symbolism of good and evil forces. Beowulf, who is the main character in this poem, embodies all the characteristics that a protagonist should have, and displays a variety of things that the Anglo-Saxon people valued. Bravery, loyalty, confidence, strength, all those things are expressed both in physical and mental. He is the first hero, and not only does he fight for good, but he represents it as well. When Boewulf arrives at Heorot, Unferth, Ecglafs son, jealous of Boewulfs ren protested bravery and fame, accuses Beowulf of vanity and bragging(prenominal) pride. He tells of a dangerous liquified match Beowulf had with his ally, Brecca. The two young warriors swam positioning by side for seven nights in the ocean, were separated, and Brecca won. Unferth says he thinks Beowulfs luck pull up stakes change with Grendel. Beowulf laughs move out Unferths attack, calling him friend generously, and proclaiming: Well, friend Unfer th, you have had your say about Breca and me! Through my own hands, the fury of battle had undone off the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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