Saturday, January 25, 2014


While visiting the Dayton imposture Institute I was generate to secure m either pieces of African dodge that greatly implicated me. Ein truththing from masks, to sculptures, to intricate costumes displayed on models were on display at the museum. A few pieces that stood prohibited to me were several African masks, many of which belonged to the Yoruba people. similarly the Akuaba ladys that we intimate well-nigh when studying the Ashanti people were raise to see up close and in person. When learning about the akua ba earlier in the quarter I cogitate creation very interested not only in the mean behind this piece of art precisely too in the artwork itself. As I recall from the information in the class and from what I learned at the Art Institute, the akua ba was a very important piece of art for the Ashanti people. The doll was carried by a m different during her pregnancy and utilize as a fertility device (Struthers). In the Ashanti culture, mothers believed tha t if they opineed at any kind of deformity while pregnant then their bear babies would become deformed (Struthers). If a mother were to look at anything that was deformed she would look at the akua ba and it was believed that this would foreclose her baffle from becoming deformed (Struthers). In fact I learned at the museum that the name akua ba comes from a figment of a fair sex named Akua who could not have a pip-squeak scarce desired one dearly. A priest instructed her to conceive a refined wooden carving of child and to melt down it on her back as if it was real (Akua ba figure). The woman not only did this but she took care of the child as if it were a living child (Akua ba figure). She presented the statue with gifts of beads and other small trinkets and was even laughed at by the fellow villagers but she finally conceived a child and so the legend of the akua ba began (Akua ba figure). I find the akua ba to be a very intriguing piece of art. While observing an akua ba at the art institute the oversized h! ead of the statue genuinely stood out to me but then the long and...If you want to belong a full essay, order it on our website:

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