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cognitive fraudulent scheme modify Groupthink and Deindividuation cognitive discord affecting Groupthink and DeindividuationThe possibleness of Cognitive dissonance was developed by Leon Festinger . It is touch on with affinitys among cognitions . Cognition whitethornbe thought of as a forgather of friendship . The knowledge may be about an side , an emotion , a behavior , a value , and so on . Let me give you an example . The knowledge that you same the color red is cognition the knowledge that you caught a touchdown stall is cognition the knowledge that the Supreme cost outlawed take aim segregation is cognition . lot br hold a multitude of cognitions simultaneously , and these cognitions accommodateity irrelevant , accordant or dissonant relationships with one anformer(a)(prenominal) (Rudolph 2008 . Cogniti ve Dissonance is the touch sensation of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding dickens conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time (Cogn 2007The basic whim behind cognitive dissonance theory is that raft do not comparable to have dissonant cognitions . In occurrence , many spate argue that the desire to have consonant cognitions is as gruelling as our basic desires for food and protection . As a result , when someone does experience two or more(prenominal) dissonant cognitions (or conflicting thoughts , they will strain to do away(p) with the dissonanceHe argued that there atomic number 18 three ship canal to deal with cognitive dissonance He did not go through these mutually exclusive . First , One may prove to change one or more of the beliefs , opinions , or behaviors regard in the dissonance Second , One may try on to acquire new information or beliefs that will profit the existing consonance and thus establish the importance of those cognit ions that are in a dissonant relationship (F! estinger 1956 : 25-26Groups have respectable influence on how we behave . Groupthink occurs when everyone in a base conforms to its beliefs - poor decisions can result (Chap c . 2008 . It occurs when the desire for host harmony is paramount team core (Hutchcc 2008 . Cognitive Dissonance affects Groupthink in term of social cushion . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
For example , if someone represents a powerful , or several(prenominal) powerful social assemblys , we are most likely to conform or chase (Chap c . 2008Deindividuation is a theory that we promiscuous our sense of self-importance in a crowd (Chap c . 2008 . It is Loss o f self-awareness and fair weather occurring in group situations that hold dear arousal and anonymity (Hutchcc 2008 . Cognitive Dissonance affects Deindividuation in terms of self-decision . For example , a person who likes rap music was classify with a group of people who likes shiver music . Because he wants to belong in that group , he taught himself to love rock music because of his friendsIn my point of encounter , no matter what the other s decision or your friends decision . It is a matter of your election if you are going to number your own decision or the decision of the others ReferenceRudolph , Frederick M . oecumenic Experimental Psychology Cognitive Dissonance Lab : The theory of cognitive dissonance . C . 2008HYPERLINK http /www .amazon .com /exec /obidos /ISBN /roberttoddcarrolA Festinger Leon . When prediction Fails : A Social and Psychological subscribe (Harpercollins 1964...If you want to hail a full essay, order it on our website:
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