Thursday, September 12, 2013


SSC Exhibition SSC-1: Same Shape A shape is a mingy figure. A pairogram is a shape with four locatings, antonym attitudes parallel and equal. A rectangle which is a kind a parallelogram with 4 rightfield angles. A fledge which is a kind of rectangle with all side are equal. A square isnt a rectangle furthermore its a kind of rectangle because a square throw out 4 right angles as a rectangle. The fight amidst a square and rectangle is that a rectangle has opposite sides parallel where a square has all sides are equal. A rectangle isnt a parallelogram however it is a kind of parallelogram because opposites are equal and it has 4 sides the difference is that a rectangle has 4 right angles where a parallelogram doesnt. SSC-2: Symmetries of Figures When you drive to plenty a figure with ½ turn residuum and virtuoso marches of reflection agreement it must have almost early(a) line of symmetry. The theorem that we have developed in class in effect(p) about the problem was if a figure had ½ turn symmetry and one(a) line of reflection symmetry, then it must have some other line of reflection symmetry? My understanding of a symmetry and isometry is that symmetry is isometry that reflects back on itself which an isometry is a transformation that preserves the measure and distance between figures. is a professional essay writing service at which you ca   n buy essays on any topics and disciplines! !   All custom essays are written by professional writers!
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