Thursday, August 1, 2013

Healthcare Liabilities

: Specifications : 3 Pages , 2 Sources , APA dash: language Write a 2 page leaven identifying and discussing an actual caseful (between 2004 and the lay out ) in which a health care organization was held li satisfactory(p) for outlaw(a) conepithelial transmission channel of its employee or single-handed contractor The should involve the wee of the parties involved in the case and a draft discussion of the facts leading to liabilityIn the Texas tech University wellness Sciences Center V . Rickey Lucero , Et Al . case (2007 ) held before the Texas greet of appeals , in which the br Texas technical school University Health Sciences Center appeals in the case that has been awarded to Lucero Family for hotshot of their departed family , who had died due to medical exam nonperformance from Dr . Prasad , an employee of the infirmary . The butterfly live the Hospital negligent for medical malpractice under the Texas tort Claims ActThe forbear Partricia Lucero , 27 year obsolete female , had undergone removal of the gallbladder with the help of a laproscope in January , 2001 , at the tech hospital . except , she highly-highly-developed smartfulness at heart a few months The desexualize who performed the surgery Dr . Emmett Mc Guire examined the diligent in mid action and tellu that she did not keep up both stricture or bangle leak . Dr . HR lee for the painful sensation also tended to(p) to her . The diligent continued to have the abdominal pain and was suggested a CT glance everywhere by Dr Prasad . This was performed virtually a month later . Lucero developed Jaundice in July 12 , 2001 , and was sent to Thomason hospital for handling of jaundice . A Gastroenterologist from the technical school Hospital Dr Saket Prasad , con grooveed some(prenominal) tests to congeal the levels of the liver enzymes , and set that several of the enzymes were raised due to associated auction block of the bile epithelial duct . Dr . Prasad felt the same , and the very close day he performed a ERCP to visualize and confirm the contract bile duct . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
chase this procedure , he was able to diagnose the movement of a stricture of the hepatic duct and narrowing of the bile duct . He performed a stent electrical shunt surgery , in which a stent was surgically placed so that the bile could menstruum erstwhile(prenominal) the stricture . The diligent was released from the hospital the very next day , and after two weeks she developed back pain . However , Dr . Prasad did not respond to the patient role s illnesss enamourly . The patient s pain worsened over a period of conviction , and she visited Tech . Her previous Dr . Lee go to to her , and Lucero placed a complaint , alleging that Dr . Lee failed to provide appropriate care to her . She evening said that she had been diagnosed with stricture of the bile duct in other clinic . The patient was made to undergo a CT scan on August 16 , and it was found that she had developed a tumor in the bile duct . However , Dr . Prasad did not bless any importance to the patient s latest findings . He pacify considered that the patient was suffering from...If you essential to get a profuse essay, order it on our website:

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