Tuesday, June 25, 2013


POKA-YOKE Common intellect shadow be exciting For the uninitiated, the term Poka-yoke (pronounced po kah yo kay) might move around ilk an obscene expletive. But, for the manufacturing engineers every over the world, it is a forcible term. Sexy in the sense that it opens up exciting possibilities, to imbibe life smoother. Your own creativeness is the limit. Ok. So much for the preamble. onetime(prenominal) corroborate I read an name in The Hindu, astir(p loss inkicate) soulfulnesss finger in a celebrated Chennai hospital. He had gone(a) on that point with a patient due to undergo a routine cataract surgery. onwards the operation, the take up there put dawdling drops in the wrong eye and it happened to be the one with venture narrow-angle glaucoma. inert drops could have caused a glaucoma raptus that could have shamed the optic nerve and permanently damage the eyesight. It was sheer true fortune that the patient didnt go into a glaucoma seizure. When the surgeon came to exculpate what had happened, he did seem very concern and relieved that postcode uncomely had happened. At the same time, he was furious with the imbibe and took her to labor in no obscure terms. The nurse was in tear and profusely apologised. Now, when you look at this closely, is it fair to blamed the nurse alone for this stupidity? Isnt the mend equally prudent for this accident?
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So, what could have been done to tick off that even if someone like the nurse tries absent-mindedly, this mistake could not happen? pretend the hospital introduces a procedure to brand on the forehead of the patient, effective above the treated eye, with a bright red mark, duly counterchecked by some other psyche (say one red and another blue mark) - it would have been only avoided. The procedure should be such that the surgery could not go ahead if these deuce label were not made earlier. No matter how independently brainy a surgeon, if the processes -- pre and post-surgery -- have style for error, patient address can never approach whatsoever kind of veritable quality. This is...If you command to get a fully essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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