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Running head : NameProfessor s NameCourse TitleDateThe cause of this is to explain how the self changes done with(predicate) the three stages of life ( aesthetic , honest , religious ) correspond to the belles-lettres of Soren Kierkegaard . Kierkegaard presents his pseudonymous makeup as a dialectical emanation of existential stages . The source is the aesthetic , which gives room to the ethical , which gives way to the religious ( Soren Kierkegaard hypertext guide protocol /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaardAesthetic . Kierkegaard portrays the aesthete in the first heap of br Either-Or through German romanticism , Don Juan , Ahasverus and Faust Soren Kierkegaard , http /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaard ) He in any case uses the author of The Seducer s diary as an font of the aethete ( Soren Kierkegaard http /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaard ) The lady killer finds cheer in the misadventure of seducing someone and non through the truly act of seduction ( Soren Kierkegaard http /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaard ) such seducer is an example of pondering aesthete who .will inject relate into a book by reading only the remainder third , or into a conversation by make a bore into an apoplectic die so that he can see a beading of sweat puddle between the bore s eye and toy d give birth his nose . That is , the aesthete uses guile , arbitrariness , badinage , and factious imagination to recreate the adult male in his own envision . The prime motivation for the aesthete is the transformation of the softened into the interest ( Soren Kierkegaard http /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaardThe lesson learned here is the lesson of make do with tedium Kierkegaard points place that every last(predicate) men argon irksome and because boredom is the root of in all evil (The rotation musical mode : An leaven in the shot of companionable oversight ,. 281 cited in http / entanglement .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .doc . This is why measures mustiness be do in to combat boredom .
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For Kierkegaard , these measures ar through aesthetic considerations (The revolution Method : An Essay in the theory of brotherly prudence ,. 281 cited in http /www .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .doc . An example of much(prenominal) is the rotation regularity , which are employed by farmers for gritty and better lay out yield and produce . done this method , farmers change the knead and the mode of cultivation except not the field (The rotation Method An Essay in the Theory of Social heed ,. 288 cited in http /www .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .docThe exercise rotation as utilise to a person barely means reinventing recollecting and forgetting ones pay off in the world (The gyration Method : An Essay in the Theory of Social worry ,. 288 cited in http /www .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .doc . In other lecture , this entails poetic remembering and caution well-nigh one s pleasure and pleasure , if in the middle of employment , one should flavour plunk for at it in to remember it at the later magazine (The Rotation Method : An Essay in the Theory of Social Prudence ,. 290 cited in http /www .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .doc . [F]orgetting...If you indispensability to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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