Thursday, April 11, 2013

Humor In Shakespeare

Shakespeares humor is very hard to detect in his writing. He has a sort of humor called dry humor. run dry humor is when someone says something that can be taken in a positive or negative direction. In this paper, I will show you quotes that show some of the humor that Shakespeare utilize in the book The Twelfth Night.

If music be the aliment of love, play on. This quote is talking about if love was akin food, you should keep sack because it is so good. I find this tongue-in-cheek because he is comparing love to food, I find that a strange, yet uneven comparison. If you continue eating food, there is completely so much that you can occupy. But, you can always consume love and never become full of it.

Oh time, thou mustiness untangle this, not I. It is hard a know for me tuntie. This quote is humorous to me because Viola is talking about the igniter side of things. She is looking at it like she can unperturbed look back and let time tell what is going to happen instead of jumping in and making matters worse.

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The reason that this quote was humorous to me because he is saying some people are born to reigning people and other people think that they are great, indeed you befool those people who work so hard to postulate people look at them great and then you have the people that do nothing and have greatness turn over to them on a silver platter. I thought it was funny how he compared these three things not saying if one or any of those things were bad or if anyone of them were better than the...

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