Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 3

Management - Essay Example Refreezing is about eh stabling the change process. Mainly the organization looks to complete the refreezing stage through organizational norms, culture and structures (Carnall, 1994, p. 351). Organizational Level One of the most famous analytical models that describe the process of change at an organizational level has been developed by Harold J. Leavitt. According to Leavitt organizations are like multivariate systems that have four most important variables such as the structure, goal, technology and players (Moore, 1963, p. 141). According to Leavitt structure is the structure of authority, communication and responsibility and work relations. The players are the employees of the organization; Technology is the techniques and equipments that are used by the players or employees of an organization to achieve desired organizational goal. Leavitt considered goal as â€Å"la raison d’etre† of an organization. Leavitt believed that organizational goal is the rationale that complements the functioning and the existence of the organization. Leavitt believed that these variables lead to organizational change. The core concept model was represented by the strong relation and interdependence between the four variables leading to main consequences: One of the variables can be modified to inflict desirable changes in the other type of variable. The change of one variable may quite possibly lead to some unwanted and unexpected changes in the other variables (Ridley, 2008, p. 301). Researchers related to the field of organizational science and psychology however felt that the theory proposed by Lewin was a little dispersed and may require some modification so that the organizational... The study has been conducted in order to analyze the process of organizational change and development. Organization change can be defined as a transformation phase than an organization goes through when the structure and strategies of an organization is altered. The study looks to describe in the modern day business environment an organization has to go through a process of change not only to gain competitive advantage but also for ht mere survival. The study shows the role of the managers as a change agent. Organizational development can be defined as the answer to the organizational that is conducted to modify the norms, values and attitudes and structure of an organization. There are several inadequate processes of organizational change and development. Some of the essential factors need to be monitored before implanting organizational change within the firm. The present study looks to provide a brief over view of the organizational change and development process. During the course of study organizational change from and individual and organizational perspective has been analyzed. Theoretical and analytical models such as the Lewin’s three sate model, Harold J. Leavitt model of change and also model suggested by model suggested that Jeanne Watson, Ronald Lippit and Bruce Westley; which also happens to be a modified version of the three stage model proposed by Lewin has been presented. Also the process of organizational change implementation has been provided.

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