Monday, October 28, 2019

The Taming Of The Shrew Essay Example for Free

The Taming Of The Shrew Essay In Petruchios attempt to woo Katherina he uses alot of flattery, and appears to have a laid-back attitude towards the verbal dispute that arises in the first meeting. He is made to feel unwelcome from the moment Katherina is present, but he is confident that he will change her view towards him and accept him as her husband-to-be. The word movable is used as an insult by Katherina, but Petruchio deliberately misunderstands what she is trying to say and makes a witty pun from this. Towards the end of this act Petruchio begins to grow tired of Katherinas lack of co-operation towards the matter of marriage. In a last desperate act before Baptista , Tranio and Gremio return, he loses his charming image and appears as very forward and aggressive towards Katherina. This emphasizes his short temper and antagonistic nature. After an eventful and chaotic wedding, Katherina is deeply hurt inside, but her anger shows on the outside. This is worsened when Petruchio wants to lave for hom and doesnt attend his own wedding feast. This shows Petruchios leadership in the relationship at such an early stage. Katherina is understandably furious isnt ready to deal with Petruchios strange behaviour and tells him he can leave but she will not be going with him. This is an attempt by Katherina to gain some leadership in the relationship because she is only used to getting her own way and doesnt like how she is being treated.

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