Saturday, October 5, 2019

Effective Tools and Tips for Getting the Most from Your Work Relations Assignment

Effective Tools and Tips for Getting the Most from Your Work Relationships by Mathew Gilbert - Assignment Example Mathew Gilbert has written extensively on business, spirituality, and psychology topics. He has also served as an editorial director at the renowned Institute of Noetic Sciences. Apart from authoring Communication Miracles at Work, Gilbert is also the author of The Workplace Revolution. This book provides its readers with the ability to identify some of the obstacles to effective communication in the workplace. This book also outlines some of the ways of breaking bad communication habits and how employees can communicate effectively at their workplace to achieve harmony in the workplace. The major topics in this book include; the role that stress plays in ineffective communication, influencing corporate culture on the ability of employees to get along with one another, gender issues, and effective communication skills for navigating a variability of real-world situations (Gilbert 34). The author, Gilbert also offers practical advice to its readers that can be applied to any job situation. In essence, this book practically demonstrates that improving communication within an organization is the key to having and enjoying a better day-to-day work experience. The author starts off by first of all talking about the work itself and how it has gone through changes over the years. In his opinion, this author claims that most companies were initially straitlaced, with lots of earnest men dressed in starched white shirts and conservative ties undertaking narrow but important roles with steadfast commitment (Gilbert 9). There existed specific rules, clear chains of commands and a general drone of commerce. This defined the times when companies like IBM, Ford and General Electric ruled the Western World. Unfortunately, this is no more since more women are in the workforce, there is more autonomy for employees, there are more teamwork and partnering, there is flextime and job shares, and the ever-growing multicultural diversity. As a matter of fact, the modern day workplace bears little resemblance to the one in which our fathers made a life commitment to work in (Gilbert 10).  Ã‚  

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