Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My Writing Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

My Writing Skills - Essay Example I am well aware that attaining higher education requires a lot of writing. Although I never experienced writing before in a higher level other than those required in school, such requirement does not present itself to me as something I have to far but a challenge that I must face. I may not be very good with my communication skills both orally or in the written form but I believe that such is the very thing I need for me to improve my communication skills. I have always feared having written reports because I know I am not good in articulating the things I really want to express but then I now see the mistakes I have committed. Running away from such responsibilities are not helping me at all. I refused to learn by doing the things I needed to do so now I would like to do my own papers so I could improve on my writing skills. I believe there is a wide room for me to improve myself so I am changing my way of thinking and my attitude towards writing. I think writing, like any other tas k is perfected only by practicing it though I must admit that I would need to work harder than my fellow students. One of the things I think would help me in my writing is to read a lot and listen intently to native speakers on how they express themselves through words so that I would be able to increase my vocabulary as well.

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