Sunday, August 25, 2019

Open the Social Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Open the Social Science - Essay Example tain level of â€Å"cultism† develop around the male population, which causes them to be held in an almost deity-like way for the potential they hold as sources of propagation of the species. We might be surprised to see some very unusual circumstances develop around the males; the â€Å"Amazonian woman,† fiction come to life where a largely female society might â€Å"use† men in way that is now associated with fulfilling sexual fantasies, and for which some people even today might pay a high price to experience. Bizarre â€Å"tribal† ceremonies have historically and anthropologically surrounded the human male/female conditions, and in a society that where the population scales are permanently changed in a way that men would be less accessible to women, we might expect to see some very strange â€Å"ceremonial† tendencies manifest themselves even in a civilized culture. What we probably would not see in a society where the male/female proportions we re permanently altered, is a tendency towards same sex relationships. It is unlikely that because of a shortage of men heterosexual women would turn to lesbianism, especially since it would not propagate the species. To the extent that that did occur, it’s unlikely that we would see it in a pattern of â€Å"permanent relationships,† since a lesbian experience probably wouldn’t be any more satisfying to a heterosexual women in a society where there fewer men than it is in a society where there is a balance in the male-to-female numbers. 5.) Having gone to study a culture, with no knowledge of that culture’s language, and challenged by the rule of not asking questions, yet with the goal of determining what behavior within that culture was deemed by the culture to be â€Å"deviant,† would require employing a methodology of carefully documenting behavior through observation. It would be necessary to employ a methodology that pays strict attention to the emotional responses of the members of the society to the behaviors

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