Sunday, August 18, 2019

Essay --

Memories from July â€Å"He threw with all his might, but the third stone came skipping back.† Fifty years later. â€Å"Running through the stormy weather, he ran to the spot where he meets the love of his life every afternoon during July. Ever since they were eight, they would meet through the forest at an enormous pond to chat and skip rocks. They decided early on that the amount of rocks they skipped would represent the number of things that they need to get off of their chest. Once he reached the water’s edge, the boy bent over and picked up a pearl colored stone and skipped it, releasing all of his bottled up emotions. After the stone was swallowed by the vast pond, he immediately picked up another and gently tossed it.† â€Å"Making her way down to stand next to him, the girl asked, ‘Why only two?’† â€Å"‘No reason. I’ve just had a lot of things on my mind lately.’ the boy grinned, motioning for the girl to pick up a stone.† â€Å"Did they love each other?† a small child anxiously asked her grandmother. â€Å"Slow down dearie.† said the old woman, smiling. â€Å"You wouldn’t want to skip any parts, now would you?† The young girl eagerly shook her head and looked up at her grandmother’s green eyes once again. â€Å"When the sun began to set,† the grandmother spoke, â€Å"the boy and girl decided that it was time for them to go home. The boy was from a wealthy family, and had messy, golden hair that came just above his eyes. His eyes were as golden as the honey from a honeybee. The girl, however, came from a poor family and had jade green eyes, and dark red, curly hair that she wore in a French braid. The boy’s mother absolutely hated the girl, and forbid him from ever seeing her again.† â€Å"But why?† whined the tiny child. â€Å"What did he do?!† The grandmother chuckled... ...the rest of the year, and when July finally came around again, they waited for the other at the rock. They grew closer to each other with every passing day and never went a day without skipping stones.† â€Å"So they fell in love and got married?† asked the smiling toddler. â€Å"Not exactly,† her grandmother said. â€Å"The end of July neared once again, and they were feeling blue, knowing that their days together were coming to an end. It stormed on the last day of July, but they didn’t think anything of it. The young couple said their heartfelt goodbyes and went their own separate ways.† â€Å"Nick stopped replying to Katalina’s letters around Christmas time. He would send a letter a few times here and there, but never explained why he didn’t write to her as often. Katalina felt as if things weren’t the same anymore so she asked him to meet her at their spot, but he never showed up.

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