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Help Stop Bullying Essay

An 11 year old Massachusetts boy, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, hung himself April 6, 2009 because he was world taunted daily for world gay. The mother begged the direct to address the problem, scarce cipher was ever done somewhat it and instantly a woman is go away son less. That was at least the fourth suicide of a middle- work antique pip-squeak linked to blusterous that year. Most harassment and blusterous go unreported. Children argon being bullied each and every day, just now the question is what should be done to dwell it? Each and every day a child is being teased or picked on because of the way they look, act, dress, or because of what they weigh in.Children should non hurt to be tortured just because they are non like everyone else. Children should be able to come to school and enjoy themselves and non worry ab turn up being picked on. A child that is being bullied gouge have many problems much(prenominal) as low self cypher of and low self confidence w hich could lead them to suicide. Also, children that are bullied may dumbfound doing poorly in school or maybe even can out because they do non feel safe at school. blusterous rattling needs to be stooped because it can leave a child physic every(prenominal)y, emotionally, and mentally scarred for the rest of their lives.Some schools say that there is very little that they can do about bullying because a skunk of bullying starts rack up of school property. Much of todays bullying originates online, school officials said, with the growing use of social networking websites and cell phones has guide to new ways to intimidate and tease. But because cyber bullying usually happens off-campus school administrators have little recourse (Nissley 2010). I do non combine with the school district when they say that there is little they can do. nevertheless though, it may start online, it continues or become worse at the school. With that being said, they need to try and do more so it can restrain all to demoralizeher no matter where it starts. The solution that they mean go away help stop bullying is if the educate student about it more. akin Nissley (2010) stated, In a model that has been mirrored by other school districts across the state, Abington Heights has been working on educating students as early as kindergarten about bullying and their responsibility to report it when they see it (p. 1).I think that it is good to educate the students about bullying and reporting it, but what is that really going to do? As we all know a lot of students testament not tell because they volition be too afraid. Or if they do tell they will be little done about it and they will continue to get bullied. So, their solution would not be useful at all. Safe to learn Embedding anti-bullying work in schools is the overarching anti-bullying guidance for schools and was launched in 2007 (teacherNet, 2009, p. 2). It seems that everyone thinks that the solution to stop bullyin g is just to educate students about it.I think that it is good that they are trying to educate students about the event, but we all know that it is going to take more than that to stop bullying. It does not matter how much information you provide the students with about bullying, it still is not going to do anything. People have been trying to stop bullying by just telling students it is not the right thing to do for years and nothing has changed. As you see, they tried this solution in 2007 and now in 2010 the same problem is still going on. You can actualize students take classes every day about bullying and there will still be children getting bullied.Principals and administrators need to punish students by devising use of more suspensions and require mandatory parent meetings for those who are bullying others. If the bullying continues, it must be dealt with strongly. And, both the child and parent should be held responsible for it. Until people start taking actions of this n ature, bullying will continuously be a problem. I think that the only way to stop bullying is to actually make a truth against it. In Massachusetts, they have passed a amount for anti-bullying.I think that is wonderful because now that the police is involved I am sure bullying will be cut strike down because the kids would not to have to deal with the harsh consequences. The bill would prohibit bullying at schools and clamp down on so-called cyber bullying by prohibiting the use of e-mails, text messages, internet postings, and other electronic means to create hostile school environment (Gay & Lesbians, 2010, p. 16). I also rely that it is good that they are requiring the school principals to report to the bullying to the police, if they believe criminal charges should be pursued.Maybe now if the students know that they could possibly go to jail they would stop bullying. It is great that somebody has passed a bill and takes this issue seriously because this has been going on for too long and it is period for it to stop. of late there have been many other cities discussing and making laws about bullying. In stark naked Jersey, they have also passed a bill regarding bullying. A law against bullying in schools which advocates call the nations toughest because it requires schools to develop anti-harassment programs, was authorize Monday in New Jersey (Mulvihill, 2010, pg. ). I believe that this is what the schools need in order for bullying to stop. It may take a while for the schools to get all the policies and programs in the public schools, but it will be expense it. This law will hopefully prevent any more suicides from disaster due to children being bullied. Maybe it should have been stricter laws a long time ago and a lot of bullying could have been stopped. The state of New Jersey has already passed the law for anti-bullying shows how it will cut down on a lot of bullying.There was already an anti-bullying law in 2002, but it was not required that schools set up anti-bullying programs. The new bill is claimed to be one of the toughest anti-bullying bill that there is. They are going all out the way to make sure students will not get bullied. They are even making teachers get training to help to bulling. Like Julie Bolcer (2010) stated, The circular would required training for most public school employees on how to fuck bulling and mandate that all districts from school safety teams review complaints, reported The confidential information Ledger .Superintendent would have to report incidents of buying to the state mount of education, which would grade schools and districts on their efforts to combat it (pg. 1). I think that it is to stop bulling because this is a very serious problem. But now that there are such harsh laws against it, I know the rates will go down a lot. Bullying is something that has been around for ages, but no one has ever seemed to find the right solution for it. Many say there is not a lot tha t can be done to stop bulling because it starts off school property I totally isagree with that. While you have others that think that just by telling students about will stop it, which we all know will not. I feel that the only way bulling will ever stop is if they give harsh punishments and let the bullies know that is not a joke. Even though, there have been many attempts to stop bulling, I think that they have finally found a solution which is by making a tough anti-bulling law. If a child wants to bully individual then they should deal with the law and suffer the consequences.

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