Tuesday, February 19, 2019

In This Essay the Myth of Equality Between Men and Women Will Be Discussed and Progress Made by Women so Far, for the Fight of Equality Will Be Examined.

twelvemonth 10 ENGLISH Assessment 13 apply quarrel to Persuade Unit 1 Outcome 3 Analyse the intention of wrangle in texts that present a point of view on a current issue. TASK Produce writing that analyses the employ of language in persuasive texts. You volition claim two class periods to have it away this assessment task. The prior two periods will be to prepare. Test conditions will apply throughout the writing of the assessment.. You must analyse 2 write texts, which will be provided at the beginning of your first preparation lesson.You whitethorn hold a dictionary (bring your own). You may also bring in one shred of notes to the assessment writing classes. On the reverse of this sheet there is a copy of the Assessment Criteria for this task. You should produce a token(prenominal) of one page per text to be analysed. Each text should have a minimum of one page analytical essay. Your opinion on the issue in the persuasive text, SHOULD NOT be included as a part of your analytic essay.English Assessment 13 Using Language to Persuade Nature of task Produce writing that analyses the use of language in two persuasive texts. Students produce _______________________________________________________________________ 5 4 3 2 1 Criterion 1 Knowledge Analysis and omparison of ways in which language is used to put readers. (10 marks) 1. Analysis of language Sophisticated Detailed Analysis well-nigh bad-tempered 2.Expression of the ways in which language of selected persuasive texts isInsightful Careful Some Limited Little used to position readers in a particular way Criterion 2 Expressive and coherent writing, with appropriate use of metalanguage (10 marks) 1.Expressive and coherent High Expressive General Clear Simple 2. get metalanguage High Relevant Mostly Some Limited Marks_____/20 instructor comments/areas for improvement_____________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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