Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hearts of Darkness :: Example Personal Narratives

Hearts of wickedness   I walked in the door with shaky hands and my heart licking a mile a minute. The building was beautifully decorated and I felt very out of place. I had never had a conjecture before and was nervous that busing tables at a country club wasnt au whencetically for me. I walked into the linen room and put on my burgundy bus coat for the first time. Now I was feeling more excited than nervous. I would meet people and learn new things. Maybe this would not be so bad.   Every one(a) seemed very nice and another bus girl offered to name me a tour. We went to the main dining room, a smaller dining room, the barricade and the kitchen. She told me not to spend too much time there because the Mexican guys were kind of scary. I thought that was a mean thing to maintain but I listened and didnt even say hello to them.   After a few days I became curious about why she had express to stay away from the guys in the kitchen. I asked around and heard a lot of rumors about sexual harassment. I decided to say hello to some of the Hispanic men anyway and not listen to the rumors. I wanted to find out firsthand if they were true.   The first man I saw was short with dark, shoulder-length hair. I said hello and he replied with a shy Hola. When I saw the next man, I said, Hola very enthusiastically to let him know I wanted to be friends. He replied with the corresponding and a very broad smile. I decided then that I did not need to listen to other people. These men seemed very nice.   From then on I always said hello to my new friends in the kitchen. Id had two years of Spanish at school and could somewhat   take with them. I learned their names and a little about their lives. My popular person at the club turned out to be Felipe, one of the chefs. He was the nicest person I had ever met. He always scream Chreeeessy when I came in the kitchen and gave me a huge hug. He would ask me how I was and how my soccer team was doi ng. I learned that he had a married woman and a son.

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